GeoShop Mapping API

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This documentation describes the GeoShop Mapping API version 2.0 (GSAPI).


1. Introduction
1.1. Overview
1.2. Supplementary documentation
1.3. Conventions
2. GSMap Object
2.1. Example HTML Code
2.2. GSMap Methods
2.3. GSMapZoomSliderControl Methods
2.4. GSMapTools Methods
3. GSUser Object
3.1. Introduction
3.2. GSUser Methods
4. GSOrder Object
4.1. Introduction
4.2. GSOrder Methods
5. Other Objects and Methods
5.1. GSHashtable Methods
5.2. GSPolygon Methods
5.3. Utility Methods
6. Languages

1. Introduction

1.1. Overview

The GeoShop Mapping API (GSAPI) is a JavaScript based programming interface to the GeoShop Server. With the GSAPI a JavaScript programmer can easily integrate GeoShop maps or send data orders from his application. The GSAPI consists of the following main objects:


A visual respresentation of a GeoShop map. The GSMap object may be integrated in a HTML DIV element in the user application.


The GSUser object can be queried to get information about GeoShop user properties (preferences, products, views).


Used for GeoShop order processing.


A key/value data structure to pass information to / from GS* objects.

To fully understand this documentation the reader should be familiar with JavaScript programming and the general structure of HTML documents.

1.2. Supplementary documentation

[1] GeoShop Server Konfigurationshandbuch (in German).

[2] GeoShop Batch Client (in German).

1.3. Conventions

In this documentation the following formatting conventions are used:

italics filenames
fat new concepts, names of functions or methods
program text or inputs in the operating system